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Selling a house should be an enjoyable experience – not a stressful one. Yet problems may arise that cause a home seller's stress levels to rise. Fortunately, we're here to help you identify and alleviate home selling issues before they get out of hand.

Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you enjoy a worry-free house selling experience.

1. Learn About the Real Estate Market

Take a look at the prices of houses in your city or town. By doing so, you can see how your residence stacks up against comparable houses and determine how you should price your home.

Furthermore, evaluate the prices of recently sold houses in your area. This housing market data enables you to see how long it takes houses to sell and whether property sellers are receiving offers to purchase at or above their residences' initial asking prices. Then, you can find out whether you are preparing to enter a buyer's or seller's market and plan accordingly.

2. Identify Your House's Strengths and Weaknesses

Conduct a home inspection – you'll be glad you did. An inspection takes only a few hours to complete and enables a property expert to review your residence both inside and out. After the inspection is finished, you'll receive a report that highlights any underlying problems with your residence. You then can use this report to prioritize home repairs and transform property weaknesses into strengths.

It may be beneficial to remove clutter from inside your house and enhance your residence's curb appeal too. That way, you can make it easy for homebuyers to fall in love with your house whenever they view it.

3. Collaborate with a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a home selling professional who is happy to help you navigate the property selling journey. In fact, he or she will make it easy to minimize stress from the moment you list your house to the day you complete your home closing.

Usually, a real estate agent will learn about you and your home selling goals and craft a custom property selling strategy. A real estate agent next will set up home showings and open house events to promote your residence to prospective buyers. And if a buyer submits an offer to purchase your home, a real estate agent will help you decide whether to accept, reject or counter this proposal.

Let's not forget about a real estate agent's industry expertise, either. A real estate agent understands the ins and outs of the house selling journey. And if you ever have concerns or questions about selling your home, a real estate agent is ready to respond to them.

The home selling journey may seem daunting at first. But ultimately, there is no need to stress as you prepare to list your house. Take advantage of the aforementioned tips, and you can boost the likelihood of a worry-free home selling experience.

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With a little thought, creativity and some inexpensive odds and ends you can add charming accents to your home.  Weekend projects provide a fun way to spend a few hours and being able to look at your finished project with satisfaction is even better if it serves a useful purpose beautifying your property.  The majority of store-bought garden hose caddies aren’t particularly attractive, and of course neither is a loose hose, but all you really need is a container or hanger of the right size.  Keeping this in mind, lots of objects can work beautifully for this purpose, and you can design them yourself and incorporate touches that best complement your home.

Ceramic Planter Hose Caddy

The beautifully painted ceramic planters you’ve been eyeing in the gardening departments of stores can be transformed into more than just the statement piece for your garden.  Choose one large enough that it can neatly hold the coils of your given hose--the longer your hose, the taller or wider the planter should be.  Drill bits designed for ceramic tiles can easily be found at hardware stores so you’ll be able to make holes in the side of the planter as needed for the hose to enter the caddy from the spigot and to exit the caddy for use.  Be sure the diameter of your holes leaves excess room to allow the hose to easily slide through without kinking or cutting into it; you want to be able to slide it out easily for use.

If your planter is tall enough you might choose to leave it as is, but some planters come with lids so you can completely conceal the hose for storage.  Alternately you can buy a shallow bowl-shaped planter to fit into the top of your hose caddy and plant some flowers to hide the hose.

Rustic Wooden Hose Caddy

Pieces made from natural, textured materials like wood look at home nested in your garden or alongside your house.  Start by picking up a standard wood shipping-style crate for around $10 from superstores, craft stores or used from online shops, as well as a thin rectangular piece of similar wood about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick.  You will also need a wooden dowel road about 1 inch in diameter.

Use a hole cutter attachment for your drill to cut 2 holes into boards on the size of your crate for your hose to lead in to the crate from the spigot and an outgoing hole to make use of the hose when needed.  Make these holes of ample size so as not to abrade or cut into your hose.  

A simple lid can be made by cutting the rectangular piece of wood to be even with the outer edge of the crate opening.  Next, cut 4 1/2 to 1 inch lengths of the dowel road.  On the underside of the lid you made, use wood glue or a slim nail to attach a 1/2 to 1 inch length of dowel just far enough away from the lid’s corners that they fit inside the crate’s opening and hold the lid in place.

If desired, stain the crate and lid.  You could also stencil ‘fragile’, location names or other travel-themed accents on the boards to denote the shipping crate theme, or use wood glue to attach prints of vintage advertising signs or crate labels, then add a coat of varnish.

This Single-Family in Gloucester, MA recently sold for $371,000. This Other style home was sold by Office Vadala Real Estate - Vadala Real Estate.

6 Maple Street, Gloucester, MA 01930


Sale Price

This attractive Mansard style home allows for spacious rooms and lots of character with high coffered ceilings and wainscoting in the dining room. Having both a living and family room, this home has plenty of space for entertaining. The bedrooms are spacious, with wood floors. One bedroom is captive to the second, but with a small amount of work, can be reconstructed to create a separate entrance. The Dining room closet has been plumbed allowing for a half bath to be added in the future. The kitchen has attractive oak cabinets, and a Jotel Gas stove for addition heat. Chimneys are lined. From the kitchen, step out to a "Beacon Hill style courtyard, enclosed with mature plantings surrounding the perimeter. The new Weber Gas Grill has been hooked up to the gas line and will remain as a gift. This home is centrally located convenient to a park, downtown, and the commuter rail and has three off street parking spaces.

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22 Barr Street, Salem, MA 01970



Approx. GLA
Well kept 2 Family home in desirable North Salem location. Unit 1 is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with living, dining room and spacious kitchen. Unit 2 is a townhouse style unit with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath on each floor, granite countertops in the kitchen, built in china cabinet, living room, dining room and den. Many general updates include replacement windows, gas heating and AC system, and Azek trim. Off street parking and private yard space for each unit. Perfect for owner occupant or possible condo conversion or a low maintenance addition to an investor's portfolio.
Open House
No scheduled Open Houses

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Summer is the in-season on Amelia Island in Northeast Florida. But this popular vacation spot is enjoyable year-round, thanks to weather that ranges from mild to spectacular. A close-knit coastal community that's as charming as it is scenic holds the key to Amelia Island's reputation as a top-notch vacation spot. If you're thinking of investing in vacation property here, now is a good time to make the leap. Here's why:

The Allure of Amelia Island

Only 13 miles long and 4 miles wide, Amelia Island is a somewhat secluded sanctuary, especially during the off-seasons of spring, fall and winter. You can take the Intracoastal Highway to get there. You can also ferry across or arrive by air. This island is home to the popular Fernandina Beach, one of Florida's highest-ranked vacation spots. Famed for its world-class resorts, superior golfing, and downtown boutiques, Fernandina Beach also provides nature lovers with pristine natural areas and miles upon miles of premium beachfront access. In the off-season, the sandy shores of Fernandina are relaxingly sparse. 

Amelia Island's Housing Market

Rental properties on Amelia Island include bed & breakfasts, AirBNBs, and ocean-front condos, but there are still single-family homes available for buyers wishing to purchase a second vacation home. Prices are increasing, however, so if you're planning to buy, you may not want to wait. In 2017 the median cost of a single-family home on Amelia Island was $240K, according to Amelia Island Living eMagazine. Compare that with housing values for similar properties at the end of 2019, and you'll see a notable increase to $377K. Amelia Island, discreet though the location may be, has been discovered. Homebuyers wanting in should do so as soon as possible. 

Amelia Island as Investment Income

Owning a vacation home on this sparkling island is definitely worth the investment, as long as you buy in an area not governed by HOAs that prohibit year-round rentals. In December of 2019, beach rentals were running about $1,890 a month in Fernandina Beach. This is roughly $300 more per month than the national average, making Amelia Island a sound investment if you can find a property that's rentable and not too pricey. 

So, if you're including Amelia Island and all it has to offer in your recent home search, or if you're debating whether this area is a good investment, the answer is to come see for yourself. There's so much to see and do here, all year round, that it draws vacationers from January through December every year. Find a property that's right for you and take the plunge. Odds are good you'll never have a single regret.